TEFLINK Online courses
The Master 140 Hour TEFL Course Plus
Our most advanced course just got better! You can now upgrade to our Master 140 Hour TEFL Course Plus, what is the Plus I hear you ask. In addition to our Master 140 hour online TEFL course you'll also have access to our Ultimate TEFL Teacher's Pack which includes five must have e-book resources.
140 Hours
The Master 140 Hour TEFL Course
Our most advanced course includes all the knowledge we have to give you. Every concept, every skill, every tip our esteemed professors and tutors have learned over their many, many years experience, you can take away with you here! It’s all been carefully crafted into ingeniously designed modern learning methods to bring you the ultimate TEFL qualifications – the Master 140 hour TEFL Course Certificate.
140 Hours
The Nubie 20 Hour TEFL Course
Get off to a flying start with this easy to complete course that’s specially designed to help you quickly grasp the fundamentals of teaching English as a Foreign Language. You’ll be delighted at the new techniques we’ve used to make training clear and memorable.
20 Hours
The Academic 100 Hour TEFL Course
If foreign travel really excites you and exploring new cultures enlivens your soul then this is a way to ensure the world is at your feet. With the TEFL Intermediate Plus Certificate this course awards you, many fantastic opportunities are open to you in a host of intriguing destinations.
100 Hours
The Postgraduate 120 Hour TEFL Course
This may be the one teaching institution where you can jump straight to the top courses without stringent prerequisites. All you need is your get-up-and-go!
120 Hours
The Bachelor 80 Hour TEFL Course
Get yourself noticed among applicants for international teaching positions by completing this thorough training in all aspects of TEFL, culminating in a TEFL Intermediate Certificate. You’ll receive solid, practical knowledge in the fundamentals of teaching English along with specialist training to cover specific situations.
80 Hours
The Preppie 60 Hour Cambridge ESOL TKT Preparation Course
Just say the words Cambridge ESOL and your suitability for teaching positions needs no further explanation. This internationally acclaimed Teaching Knowledge Test, TKT, is widely accepted internationally and will give you the edge when applying for your chosen job.
60 Hours
The Undergraduate 60 Hour TEFL Course
Give serious consideration to this choice of course if you’re dreaming of exotic lands and new adventures. Think about it, get this course under your belt and you could start applying for international positions! With the very highest standards of instruction, a TEFLINK qualification is welcomed throughout the world.
60 Hours