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Many native English speakers think there are 3 tenses of English (past, present and future, right?) Err… wrong, there are actually 2 (past and not-past)! Once you add in aspect and mood you're looking at 13 'tenses'! If you were in any doubt, take a look at this amazing Grammar Guide from the TEFLINK experts.

To be an informed, confident and effective teacher who responds to the needs of your learners, you need to know your subject.

The TEFLINK Grammar Guide will take you through the basics of English grammar at Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels. This will give you the expert knowledge you need to be able to teach the essentials of English grammar confidently. Grammar is an area many teachers feel less than prepared to teach and this easy to access 42-page guide will be your companion both in the classroom and as you prepare your lessons.

The guide is divided into 8 clearly labelled sections. For each grammar point there are concise explanations of ‘how we make it’ and ‘how we use it’, pictures, diagrams and exercises for you to practice. There is also a section which shows the most common mistakes that learners make with this grammar point to help you prepare for teaching it. There are also some extra points you should watch out for. This well-written and beautifully laid out guide will be a valuable addition to any teacher’s toolkit and you will come back to it again and again as you develop into a confident and able English language teacher. One thing is for sure; your students will expect it of you.

Take a sneak peak at our Grammar Guide: